The EMC Daily Has Moved

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but along with a ton of super fun work, I’m also in the process of revamping the entire web platform. As the first step in that process, the blog has relocated to This is a good thing, as the new hosting platform offers a lot more customization and better integration with the rest of the site.

To make things even easier for all you Twitter fiends, you can also follow the EMC at


Crushing it.


The EMC has been in full effect, rocking on everything from budget reports to outerwear prototypes. More of the same in the coming weeks, busy as hell and loving it.

2001… A Space Odyssey



Watched Kubrick’s 2001… A Space Odyssey last night. The story gets a little long-winded, but god is it a beautiful movie. The set design and typography are outstanding, and still look great today.

Empire State of Mind

After almost ten years, I’m pretty established as a California guy, and I do love San Francisco, but to me, New York City will always be THE City.

The Sounds


If you ever in your life have the opportunity to see The Sounds perform live, do the right thing and see them. So good. So much energy. So Swedish. Once again, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. Shiny Toy Guns also put on a great performance, and Semi Precious Weapons, who I had never heard of, came out and shocked the hell out of a room full of strangers with their madness, I’ll be looking for more from those crazy guys in the future. Always nice to be in SF, I love the mountains, but the city is home away from home.

A Big Week


A lot of work was done this week, about 72 hours worth. A lot of fun stuff, I’m pretty excited about all of it. As tiring as it can be to put in big days like that, I’m grateful for the opportunity and to have the work at a time when a lot of people don’t. Plus, I’ve got a baby cat to proof my work for me, which is always useful. Yesterday I wrapped up the week with a stop by Porters headquarters and caught a pretty spectacular sunset on the way out. The pic above is a pan taken with my phone.

This weekend, were headed down to fog city for a little R&R and to see The Sounds play, coming in all the way from Sweden. Last time I saw them, things got pretty crazy, one of the best shows of my life. We’ll see what happens this time…

Tom Routh Interview


Check out the interview with FYi Design’s Tom Routh on Hypebeast. I can definitely relate when he talks about his outdoor lifestyle leading to designand design leading him away from the outdoors, as well as the challenges of running a studio in a rural area, although they’ve taken it to the next level. Awesome. Read it and learn something kids.