Common at the Dew Tour

Went over to Gnarstar last night to check out the scene at the Dew Tour and watch Common play. I’m definitely a lot more removed from the “scene” than I used to be, so it’s always fun to put in an appearance. As far as the show goes, there were tons of high school kids out since it was a free show and started at seven, which I think is pretty rad for those guys. I would have been stoked if I was a kid to go to a show like that for free, see the whole production of a major action sports event. It reminded me a little of the Telus Festival in Whistler, just on a much smaller scale.

As far as my own enjoyment of the show, Common was definitely good, and didn’t cop the attitude that “I’m just going to make a token appearance for these white kids” that seems like it can happen at things like this, but I must say that I prefer to see a hip hop show in a sweaty club. Standing outside in twenty-degree weather on an ice rink makes it a little tough to really get loose. It could be that I’m just getting old and turning into a pansy, but I’d like to see Common again in a place like Mezzanine. Also, there were a few songs that I really wanted to hear, and it didn’t happen, but sometimes that’s just how it goes.

On another note, big congrats to my man Brandon Cocard who took fifth in the Dew Tour slopestyle yesterday. All you snowboard industry joes need to start looking out for this guy. The kid rides a shed stick better than you or I, works hard, and has a great attitude. Not as easy to find as you might think. And he makes me laugh every time I talk to him, which is an invaluable trait in a human being.



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