Retro Cereal Boxes.



I don’t really eat that much cereal, I’m more of a toast and eggs guy. When I do grab a bowl, I mostly stick to Cheerios, but these caught my eye. General Mills is issuing some throwback cereal boxes, probably in the hopes of triggering that nostalgia button and making a grown person by a product endorsed by a cartoon character. Some of these seem a little off, most notably that the General Mills logo seems like it’s from a different era than the the rest of the design, and the “vintage tee shirt giveaway” clashes a bit. Other than that, I tend to like the illustrations on the retro versions better. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a bowl of Trix before, (Mom wasn’t really down with the sugar cereals, and I always focused my efforts on getting her to buy me candy.) but the older bunny looks pretty cool, but the new bunny on the right looks like a psycho. Not good. And that Wheaties box? Damn good looking.

Found this on The Dieline by way of the DDC.


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