Boxed Water Is Better



I drink a lot of water. A lot. I usually pass 8 glasses by around noon. However, I don’t really do bottled water. I’ve always been somewhat irritated at the thought of paying for what comes out of the tap. To be fair though, I’ve always been lucky enough to live in places where the tap water tastes pretty good. When I go to the city, after my Klean Kanteen goes dry, I’m usually buying water, because I’m spoiled and think chlorinated water tastes like crap. I try to buy the biggest jug I can find, because I go through one of those little bottles in a matter of minutes.

So this caught my eye for a couple of reasons. One, I’m really into the package design, the black and white, the bold type, the script “hello” on the side. It’s just nice. Second, and more importantly, they’re using a more environmentally considerate means of packaging and transporting than those damn bottles, and they’re pledging 10% of their profits towards water relief foundations, and another 10% to reforestation projects. And I’m betting that the water in that box doesn’t have that plastic aftertaste that I always get when I drink bottled water. Awesome.

Even better, it’s an independent startup, not a subsidiary of some megacorp that has been devised as a way to hop on the green trend and figure out another way to get my cash. In fact, one of the founders is a regular contributor to the brilliance, which is one of my favorite blogs. I’m really hoping they can eat up some market share from the big plastic companies, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some San Francisco distribution in the near future.


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