BDP: Criminal Minded USB


Everyone knows that music downloading has been a huge blow to the recording industry, and the design and artwork for album packaging has become much less significant than it once was. Some people are responding by going a little more outside of the box with their delivery.

I’ve seen some interesting stuff, but this reissue of Boogie Down Production’s debut album, Criminal Minded really caught my eye. It comes in a 1-gig, gun-shaped USB flash-drive, which contains the full album as well as some remixes. After you load the music onto your computer, you can continue to use the drive for whatever you use USB drives for… I’m not really down with gun imagery as a rule, so I’m not sure this is something that I’d want to bring to a meeting with a client, but this album was never really intended to make people feel comfortable, and I think that the USB drive is a really creative solution. It’s available for purchase at Turntable Lab.


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