Press Check


We had four different publications at Dynagraphic Printing today, so I drove down to Reno to do a press and sign off on proofs. It’s incredibly valuable to work with a (relatively) local printer, and be able to work closely with them on the final steps of production. We actually had to make a few last-minute changes to the TD Annual Report, which is on a very time-sensitive schedule, and the super-friendly crew at Dynagraphic was able to work with us and get it done. I was also able to watch one of our publications coming off the press, check the colors, and talk to the guy running the press to make sure that everything was spot on. It’s tough to get that kind of service from a shop that’s 2,000 miles away.

I know a lot of designers who kind of take this step for granted, but every graphic designer working in print should spend some time with a printer, tour the shop, and learn about their process. Plus, they’ve got some dope stuff in there. I took the shot above last December, and it’s Dynagraphic’s old German die-cutter, more than 50 years old, and still making quality cuts every day. Awesome.


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