Change The System poster


I know I’ve been promising to publish some new work of my own on here for a while, and here is a poster that I designed a few months ago. Although I don’t pretend to have an answer to our health care situation, I know from personal experience how financially crippling an illness or a broken bone can be, even if you are gainfully employed with health insurance. As one of the most powerful nations in the world, we can do better.

This poster was designed for Good 50 x 70, which is a design competition I can actually support. It’s not about spec work for the hopes of fame, glory, or a paltry sum and a tee shirt. There is no prize money, there isn’t even a winner declared. The briefs are provided by seven charities, and purpose is to use design as a tool for social communication, which is something we could use a lot more of these days. Read more about it here.


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