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Tom Routh Interview


Check out the interview with FYi Design’s Tom Routh on Hypebeast. I can definitely relate when he talks about his outdoor lifestyle leading to designand design leading him away from the outdoors, as well as the challenges of running a studio in a rural area, although they’ve taken it to the next level. Awesome. Read it and learn something kids.


FSF Urban Project


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of FYI Design Dept. They’re the team behind Burton’s AK line, and have what looks to be a pretty incredible setup in the mountains of British Columbia. If you guys ever need any help, feel free to give me a call… Anyway, they just posted a few new jackets designed in collaboration with Fragment Design for the Japanese market. Very nice stuff, I’m really loving how well the details are executed.

Ontour Clothing


ontour winter

I recently came across Ontour, a casual clothing line out of the Netherlands. I really like how they combine clean looks with fun, eye-catching trims and details, and a heavy use of organic materials. Every time you start to feel really good about the work you put out, just check out what the Dutch are doing and your stock drops a few points… Nice work guys.

The last thing I need…


As anyone who knows me can attest, I have way too many sneakers, but these are going to be hard to resist, reissues of the original Air Max 1 colorways. Quickstrikes can be hard to come by when you live in the hills, but these might be worth the effort.

Ogden Clothing


This week I got a nice package from Chris at Ogden Clothing. Chris is a really nice guy, and their clothes are dope, really nice stuff, and affordable too. Support the small & independent companies, they’re where it’s at!

3sixteen Clothing


3sixteen has been coming out with some pretty nice stuff lately. They also just released a behind the scenes video of their fall ’09 photoshoot. I think it’s pretty funny how a lot of streetwear brands have gone from all-over print tees to peacoats and ties in just a few short years, but I’m not complaining.

James Jebbia of Supreme


I came across a great interview with James Jebbia, the man behind Supreme. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Supreme brand and it’s cool to read a little bit about the philosophy behind how they operate. It’s just what you would think, sticking to what you know and doing it well, being comfortable with staying small, and working your ass off. It’s funny to hear him talk about about the limited-edition phenomena and art collectors, and how they never really aspired to cater to that market, they really just want to make cool stuff. Read the article here.