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Earth Day (a few days early)


We hung out at Squaw yesterday for their annual Earth Day celebration. The weather was beautiful, there were lots of people out, we bumped into some old friends, who you never see as often as you like, listened to music, and checked out all the dogs. It was cool to see everyone from old Humbolt hippies, little kids, to snowboard punks all hanging out in the same place and enjoying the day. I love springtime.


Big Saturday.

Had a big day on Saturday, went snowboarding, did a lot of housework, and most importantly, went to the Squaw Valley Prom. It was a crazy party, saw a lot of great people I haven’t seen for way too long, everybody was dressed to the nines, cutting loose, and all the money for a good cause. Best of all, I had the hottest date at the prom. If you weren’t there, you dropped the ball. Don’t let it happen again next year.

Sunday was pretty much a wash.

Prom 2009

Dew Tour Part 2

Went back up to check out men’s skier halfpipe last night, and I must say it was a good show. Those guys are definitely charging. Both ski and snowboard pipe tricks are getting super tech these days, and I really hope it doesn’t get to a point where we’re seeing back to back 1260’s to 1440’s, because as hard as I know those tricks are, I’d far prefer to see a smaller spin with big amplitude and great style. Maybe I’m just old school. It was cool to see some double flips, it’s not only scary and bad ass, but it takes me back to the days of my youth, watching Mike Michalchuck in total awe. There was also a huge crowd turnout, which is great to see, especially considering that you had to ride a gondola to get to the event. It’s good to see a tour that seems to be successfully integrating snowboarding and skiing, I think that as long as people are out playing in the snow and having a good time, then that’s great.

Later on, we went to the afterparty in an airplane hanger where QBert was spinning. I’ve never seen him before but have always known for his juggling skills. He actually played a lot of great music and got the crowd moving. Best of all, he stayed totally away from the hip-pop vocoder stuff that is all the rage at parties like this these days. On a funny side note, this is the only party I’ve ever been to where the “VIP” area was at least three times as crowded as the general admission area. Sure, the VIP had an open bar, but the wait time had a lot of people opting to pay for drinks over standing in line. I really wanted to check out snowboard pipe today, but it is unfortunately pouring rain at these elevations, and I’m just not that hardcore anymore. I’ll just have to catch it on TV.

Mike Riddle

On another side note, I purchased a Nikon D-90 in late December, and I’ve been very happy with it so far. More on that in a future post.

Common at the Dew Tour

Went over to Gnarstar last night to check out the scene at the Dew Tour and watch Common play. I’m definitely a lot more removed from the “scene” than I used to be, so it’s always fun to put in an appearance. As far as the show goes, there were tons of high school kids out since it was a free show and started at seven, which I think is pretty rad for those guys. I would have been stoked if I was a kid to go to a show like that for free, see the whole production of a major action sports event. It reminded me a little of the Telus Festival in Whistler, just on a much smaller scale.

As far as my own enjoyment of the show, Common was definitely good, and didn’t cop the attitude that “I’m just going to make a token appearance for these white kids” that seems like it can happen at things like this, but I must say that I prefer to see a hip hop show in a sweaty club. Standing outside in twenty-degree weather on an ice rink makes it a little tough to really get loose. It could be that I’m just getting old and turning into a pansy, but I’d like to see Common again in a place like Mezzanine. Also, there were a few songs that I really wanted to hear, and it didn’t happen, but sometimes that’s just how it goes.

On another note, big congrats to my man Brandon Cocard who took fifth in the Dew Tour slopestyle yesterday. All you snowboard industry joes need to start looking out for this guy. The kid rides a shed stick better than you or I, works hard, and has a great attitude. Not as easy to find as you might think. And he makes me laugh every time I talk to him, which is an invaluable trait in a human being.


Squaw Valley Prom

If you’re in or around the Tahoe Area on February 28, or Northern California for that matter, you should definitely make plans to come to the Squaw Valley Prom. No, it’s not a high school prom, it’s actually an annual fundraiser put on by the good folks at Charitysmith. Outside Magazine called it one of the best ski-town parties of the year, and I have to agree. Definitely not the stuffy sort of event that I usually associate with charity functions. This year all of the proceeds are being donated to the Lake Kip Memorial Fund which assists those with spinal cord injuries to engage in outdoor sports. As someone who has broken his back hitting a tree, I’m happy to support a program like that. I also had the honor of designing the poster for this year’s event, which you can check out below. The Nissan Freeride World Tour is at Squaw the same weekend, so you can check out some big mountain shredding during the day, if that’s your deal.