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Eames DCW gets the ilovedust Treatment



England’s ilovedust puts out some amazing work, and has now come up with a treatment for the iconic Eames DCW chair, as well as a set of limited edition pillows available for purchase and a print inspired by the chair’s release. I think I’ve made it clear in this blog what a fan I am of Charles and Ray Eames, and I think the purist in me prefers the original chair, but the pillows are dope, and I’m definitely considering getting a pair for the living room couch.


Would love to have one of these next to my desk.


A handmade chest of drawers based off of wooden printing blocks from Kent and London. So dope.

Herman Miller


Since we’re getting ready to move, and planning how things will lay out in the new apartment, we’ve been looking for a few new pieces of furniture. Although I don’t know that we’re going to be buying new Herman Miller pieces right now, the company makes amazing products, and is a proponent of good design in everything they do. Although I prefer their classics, I appreciate that they are sticking to the original philosophy of the company and continue to strive for quality, well-designed products. There is a nice interview at Prairie Mod with Herman Miller’s spokeswoman Susan Koole about the history of the company, their values, and plans for the future. I especially like the 5 principles laid down by George Nelson, which I feel apply to not just industrial design, but all design and almost any business in general:
1. What you make is important
2. Design is an integral part of the business
3. The product must be honest
4. You decide what you will make
5. There is a market for good design
Simple, but sometimes simple things are the most difficult to pull off.

Dave Seoane Furniture


Dave Seoane has had a pretty big influence on me and a lot of the work that I do, although I didn’t realize it ’till fairly recently. From his skills on a snowboard, to his work with the incredible team at Nemo, to Cinemaseoane (I think I saw the Haakon Faktor about a thousand times). I also remember very clearly when I saw his board graphic for Rossignol with the coffee cup. I remember thinking how clean, simple and dope it was. I think it was the first time that I became aware of the power of minimalism and good composition, without even really knowing what those things were. It was really cool to see him at the Legends of Snowboarding contest a few months ago, rocking his own style and still shredding.

Anyway, enough gushing. The man is now making some really cool custom furniture and woodwork out of his shop in Portland. I’d love to get a set of custom doors like these that he did for Jerry Dugan.

Why Aren’t They Making These Anymore?


Quadreflex speakers designed by Charles Eames. I wish I could get a set of these for the new crib, the molded plywood is dope.

Modern Chairs Poster


We spent the weekend looking at places to rent, and finally found one that will suit our needs. Just the right amount of room for a boy, a girl and a baby cat. We’re feeling good about it, although maybe a little stressed. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s room in the budget right now for another mid-century chair, but I was thinking that this print by James Provost might be a good addition to the new home office. It’s got all of my favorites on there, except for the LCW. Order one for yourself at imagekind.

Eames Chair


I’ve always had pretty crappy chairs for working in, especially for my desk at home. Well, I recently stepped up and made one of the more “adult” purchases of my life, a vintage Eames Aluminum Group management chair. Definitely one of my favorite design objects of all time, I’ve wanted one for quite a while now. Now that I’ve finally got one, I must say, they are classics for a reason. It’s more comfortable than any Aeron chair I’ve sat in, and aesthetically, it’s hard to beat. It’s just so minimal, classy and timeless. Certainly makes sitting down to work for countless hours a lot more inviting.