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Geoff McFetridge for “Where The Wild Things Are”


We went and saw Where The Wild Things Are last night, and unlike most movies with that level of hype, I was not disappointed. Visually, it’s a beautiful film, everything you’d expect from Spike Jonze. It does an excellent job at capturing the roller coaster of emotions and feelings that you go through as a child and while it doesn’t deal with overly adult topics, it’s definitely not a kids’ movie. The soundtrack is excellent, and I was also struck by how nicely done the titles were, illustrated by Geoff McFetridge. Simple and childlike, they were a perfect match for the film. I just goes to show that good design doesn’t have to be ornate and over-done to be effective.


The future of newspaper design?

Plant Physiology Cover, 1975

Plant Physiology

I saw this book today on the bookshelf of a forestry office, I don’t know much about it except the design is German and it’s from 1975. Super dope. Looks like it could be a piece of collateral for the Vancouver Olympics this year. Sorry about the crappy iPhone pic, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got.

House of Flying Daggers

More cool animation… I’m a big fan of the Wu Tang Clan, although I haven’t been to into their most recent offerings. However, the singles that are being released in advance of the new Raekwon album are bringing back the classic Wu Tang sound in a big way. I really liked this song when I first heard it, and I’m impressed with the video. I love how creative Wu Tang is, and how they’ve always been able to tie in kung fu, comic book characters and storytelling into the music without being cheesy and keeping a gritty feel. Hopefully things continue in this direction.

iPhone 3GS


After spending some time with the new iPhone, I must say, it’s pretty dope. The majority of the little things that bugged me have been worked out (ie: horizontal keyboard) and I’m pretty stoked on it. There’s nothing I can really say here that hasn’t been written about a thousand times before, so I won’t go into it too much, but it is a great tool, and does a good job at making communication easier as well as being a really fun toy. The Camera Bag App is a favorite, as it offers some basic filters to edit your photos in-phone. (See our miniature cat lounging on the couch above.) I’m also looking forward to trying out some of cycling apps that use the mapping and GPS to record your ride distance, speed and altitude gains. Fun stuff, and cool to have all in one, instead of carrying around a bunch of different gadgets, which has always turned me off from that kind of thing in the past.

The last thing I need…


As anyone who knows me can attest, I have way too many sneakers, but these are going to be hard to resist, reissues of the original Air Max 1 colorways. Quickstrikes can be hard to come by when you live in the hills, but these might be worth the effort.

Would love to have one of these next to my desk.


A handmade chest of drawers based off of wooden printing blocks from Kent and London. So dope.