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Geoff McFetridge for “Where The Wild Things Are”


We went and saw Where The Wild Things Are last night, and unlike most movies with that level of hype, I was not disappointed. Visually, it’s a beautiful film, everything you’d expect from Spike Jonze. It does an excellent job at capturing the roller coaster of emotions and feelings that you go through as a child and while it doesn’t deal with overly adult topics, it’s definitely not a kids’ movie. The soundtrack is excellent, and I was also struck by how nicely done the titles were, illustrated by Geoff McFetridge. Simple and childlike, they were a perfect match for the film. I just goes to show that good design doesn’t have to be ornate and over-done to be effective.


Plant Physiology Cover, 1975

Plant Physiology

I saw this book today on the bookshelf of a forestry office, I don’t know much about it except the design is German and it’s from 1975. Super dope. Looks like it could be a piece of collateral for the Vancouver Olympics this year. Sorry about the crappy iPhone pic, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got.

Designers for a Green Iran

Yossi Lemel for Green Iran

It’s always good to see graphic design used as a way to promote social causes instead of peddling the latest widget. Recently, a group of notable designers (including legends Massimo Vignelli and Wim Crouwel) designed posters in support of the green revolution in Iran, after the country’s recent election controversy. The poster above is by Yossi Lemel, and you can view the rest at Social Design Zine.

Herb Lubalin

l'oeuvre de Herb Lubalin | 1 | reproduction interdite | usage st

Here’s a really nice collection of work by Herb Lubalin… Sometimes you just have to go back and look at the masters. Always more to learn.
(Some images might not be ideal for the office.)

EMC Cycling Poster


Here’s a new poster as part of my effort to produce more personal work in ’09. I’ve always loved vintage cycling posters, and seeing as bike season is in full swing, I took a shot at creating my own. I’ve been in the market for a used Bianchi cyclocross bike, so that’s where the Italian theme and the color palette came from. I’ll be printing up a few for friends and family, and will be selling a limited amount as well.

There is a complete overhaul in the works for, and I’m planning to incorporate a small online store as part of the deal. It’s hard to make the time for personal work after client work when it’s so nice out though. The California summer is in full effect, but there are a few subtle signs that fall is on the way, so I’m doing my best to get out and enjoy it. There’s a reason why I live in the mountains, and right now I’m taking advantage as much as possible.

New Book


I know this has been hyped all over the place but my copy of Corporate Diversity, Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy just came in the mail today (unfortunately with a bent corner on the cover, but I get books to read them, not sit on the shelf). After a quick thumb through, there are some outstanding samples in this book, and I can’t wait to dive into it in detail. There’s also a lot more text than I was expecting, which is nice, I do feel like I get more out of a design book when I can read about the backstory. Straight up, picture-book design porn always leaves me feeling a little unsatisfied, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast.

PS: The image above was stolen from the excellent Grain Edit design blog. If you’re not familiar, you should definitely check it out.

WWF Paper Towel Dispensers

WWF Paper Towel Dispenser

I love seeing graphic design used in a clever way to make people think about the little things they do in their everyday lives. Hence, this campaign for the World Wildlife Foundation that uses paper towel dispensers in public restrooms to raise awareness of deforestation is an awesome example. Maybe it will make people think twice before grabbing 13 paper towels, using two to dry their hands, then throwing 11 unused towels in the trash. I hate seeing that.