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Steven Holl Architecture




Steven Holl has done some pretty amazing architecture on a grand scale. There are a ton of amazing buildings showcased on his site, and I love the grid style of the navigation too. Very cool stuff.


Prefab Housing


As I mentioned a while back, my better half and I have been talking a lot about our living situation lately, and looking to step up our game a little bit, with a more friendly work-from-home setup for both of us. We’ve been looking at a lot of options, but I’ve been very intrigued by the new crop of prefab housing. Customizable, modern design, efficient, built for solar and sustainability. From what I’ve seen, I’ve been very impressed by Michelle Kaufmann’s Glidehouse. I’ve heard that when all is said and done, installing one of these is comparable in price to building a house, although in the still-overpriced market where we live, I wonder if that would still be true. I also wonder if a structure like this would be able to comply with the ultra-strict building codes and harsh winters of the Sierra.

Although this may not be in the cards right now, it’s still nice to imagine… The main house, a small satellite building for my office, and another satellite building for my better half’s business. I really like the outdoor-living concept, especially with our amazing California summers, and it seems like this style of house would be a good way to embrace that. Here are a few more pics of the Glidehouse.




Vermont Modernism



My girlfriend and I have been spending some time assessing our housing situation as of late, with the market down, it seems like this may be one of the only possible opportunities to buy a house in the ridiculously overpriced mountain town where we live. Consequently, I’ve been spending a lot more time looking at houses and architecture, so this Vermont house by architect Kyu Sung Woo, just a few miles from where I grew up, really caught my eye.

I’ve definitely become accustomed to amazing California weather, but if I could live in a place like this, out in a field by itself, the east coast suddenly becomes a lot more appealing again. Growing up around the Cape Cods and farmhouses that are absolutely everywhere back there, I’ve always found the modernist style really refreshing, and it’s nice to see it done well in a rural Vermont setting. Even better, the house is built using green practices and is off the grid, using water from an on-site well and generates its own solar power. Read the back story in The Wall Street Journal.