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2001… A Space Odyssey



Watched Kubrick’s 2001… A Space Odyssey last night. The story gets a little long-winded, but god is it a beautiful movie. The set design and typography are outstanding, and still look great today.


Tom Routh Interview


Check out the interview with FYi Design’s Tom Routh on Hypebeast. I can definitely relate when he talks about his outdoor lifestyle leading to designand design leading him away from the outdoors, as well as the challenges of running a studio in a rural area, although they’ve taken it to the next level. Awesome. Read it and learn something kids.

DVS “Wood”

DVS Skate & Create feature. So good.

Plant Physiology Cover, 1975

Plant Physiology

I saw this book today on the bookshelf of a forestry office, I don’t know much about it except the design is German and it’s from 1975. Super dope. Looks like it could be a piece of collateral for the Vancouver Olympics this year. Sorry about the crappy iPhone pic, but sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got.

Designers for a Green Iran

Yossi Lemel for Green Iran

It’s always good to see graphic design used as a way to promote social causes instead of peddling the latest widget. Recently, a group of notable designers (including legends Massimo Vignelli and Wim Crouwel) designed posters in support of the green revolution in Iran, after the country’s recent election controversy. The poster above is by Yossi Lemel, and you can view the rest at Social Design Zine.

Herb Lubalin

l'oeuvre de Herb Lubalin | 1 | reproduction interdite | usage st

Here’s a really nice collection of work by Herb Lubalin… Sometimes you just have to go back and look at the masters. Always more to learn.
(Some images might not be ideal for the office.)

80’s Animation Radness

I’ve been working on the poster for next year’s Squaw Valley Prom, which is always a super fun project to push the 80’s glam style, which is a blast, but not a style I do a whole lot of anymore. While working on it, I’ve been thinking about the movie above, and the magazine that spawned it. I remember reading that as a kid, and how cool the illustrations were, and how weird and creative the storylines and concepts were. Awesome stuff, it’s funny how you don’t really realize how much of an inspiration things in your life have on you until years later.