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2001… A Space Odyssey



Watched Kubrick’s 2001… A Space Odyssey last night. The story gets a little long-winded, but god is it a beautiful movie. The set design and typography are outstanding, and still look great today.


Geoff McFetridge for “Where The Wild Things Are”


We went and saw Where The Wild Things Are last night, and unlike most movies with that level of hype, I was not disappointed. Visually, it’s a beautiful film, everything you’d expect from Spike Jonze. It does an excellent job at capturing the roller coaster of emotions and feelings that you go through as a child and while it doesn’t deal with overly adult topics, it’s definitely not a kids’ movie. The soundtrack is excellent, and I was also struck by how nicely done the titles were, illustrated by Geoff McFetridge. Simple and childlike, they were a perfect match for the film. I just goes to show that good design doesn’t have to be ornate and over-done to be effective.

DVS “Wood”

DVS Skate & Create feature. So good.


Snow movie premier season is in full swing again, and last night we went and checked out the Truckee screening of Neverland, Absinthe’s new snowboard movie. It was a great time, I caught up with some good friends who I haven’t seen for a bit, and the scene was good, not too crazy. The movie was really good, with a nice mix of everything… Well rounded riding with the right mix of “that looks so fun” stoke and “that’s mind-blowing and scary.” Nicolas Müller’s opening part alone was worth the price of admission, put this one on your list of movies to see.

Montevideo by Autumn Line

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, sometimes life just gets away from you, you know? Anyway, we’re rolling into snow-premier season, and despite the recession’s impact on budgets, there looks to be some good ones coming out. Although I don’t really get excited about this stuff like I used to (Kinda sucks how that happens huh?) I always like to check out Autumn Line’s movies, partly because they usually feature a lot of Tahoe guys, but mostly because they’re always fun, creative and more “design-y” than the others. This year’s 80’s theme in Montevideo is no different. I love the sitcom style credits section at the end.

Art & Copy

This looks pretty good, it’s on my list of design-geek films to see, about the power of advertising, for good or bad.

Picaresque Trailer

We had an awesome day at the beach yesterday for my better half’s birthday, it was my first real beach day of the summer. Sometimes I think about moving away from the mountains, to the coast where I could surf every day. This trailer for Picaresque came out last year, and it makes me think a lot harder about making that move. It also uses the song “Loop Line” by Discovery, which has been one of my favorite songs for about a year now… Those guys need to release an album soon, or at least an EP. There is a much better quality quicktime version of the trailer on High Seas’ website.