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Empire State of Mind

After almost ten years, I’m pretty established as a California guy, and I do love San Francisco, but to me, New York City will always be THE City.


The Sounds


If you ever in your life have the opportunity to see The Sounds perform live, do the right thing and see them. So good. So much energy. So Swedish. Once again, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life. Shiny Toy Guns also put on a great performance, and Semi Precious Weapons, who I had never heard of, came out and shocked the hell out of a room full of strangers with their madness, I’ll be looking for more from those crazy guys in the future. Always nice to be in SF, I love the mountains, but the city is home away from home.

Public Enemy

It’s hard to really quantify the influence Public Enemy has had on me… They were one of the first music acts that I got into as I was transitioning from “little kid” music into actually discovering music that I could call my own, and exposed me to another culture which was completely outside the realm of the rural community where I grew up. As a designer, the PE logo is still one of my all-time favorites, and it struck a cord with me long before I had any clue what graphic design even was. I finally got a chance to see them live a few years ago, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, actually exceeding my expectations. Over 20 years, and still kicking ass.

Justice Remix: Let Love Rule Video

Justice is always super creative with their music videos, and I love how this video for their remix of Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule is is really cool in an understated way.

House of Flying Daggers

More cool animation… I’m a big fan of the Wu Tang Clan, although I haven’t been to into their most recent offerings. However, the singles that are being released in advance of the new Raekwon album are bringing back the classic Wu Tang sound in a big way. I really liked this song when I first heard it, and I’m impressed with the video. I love how creative Wu Tang is, and how they’ve always been able to tie in kung fu, comic book characters and storytelling into the music without being cheesy and keeping a gritty feel. Hopefully things continue in this direction.

Miike Snow


I’ve been really liking the music of Miike Snow lately, melodic and poppy, it’s just nice summertime music. There’s also a few good remixes floating around out there that are worth checking out.

West Indian Girl


I saw West Indian Girl with Ming & Ping in Reno last night, and I was really impressed. I had never heard of them before, and was mainly going to see Ming & Ping, but these guys have a great sound, I highly suggest checking them out. Also really cool, for 22 bucks, you can download 50-something songs directly from the band on their website. Cut out the middle man, and support the artist directly. I love that.