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G Sake

While I’m no connoseur, I do enjoy some sake every now and then. And like most designers I appreciate well-designed packaging, and it probably influences my purchases more than it should. (Hey, gotta put my money where my mouth is, right?) Anyway, my better half knows me all to well, because I was delighted when she brought home this little gem… I haven’t cracked open the bottle yet, but looking that nice, it has to be good, right. Not sure who’s responsible, but kudos to the team behind this one


BDP: Criminal Minded USB


Everyone knows that music downloading has been a huge blow to the recording industry, and the design and artwork for album packaging has become much less significant than it once was. Some people are responding by going a little more outside of the box with their delivery.

I’ve seen some interesting stuff, but this reissue of Boogie Down Production’s debut album, Criminal Minded really caught my eye. It comes in a 1-gig, gun-shaped USB flash-drive, which contains the full album as well as some remixes. After you load the music onto your computer, you can continue to use the drive for whatever you use USB drives for… I’m not really down with gun imagery as a rule, so I’m not sure this is something that I’d want to bring to a meeting with a client, but this album was never really intended to make people feel comfortable, and I think that the USB drive is a really creative solution. It’s available for purchase at Turntable Lab.

Boxed Water Is Better



I drink a lot of water. A lot. I usually pass 8 glasses by around noon. However, I don’t really do bottled water. I’ve always been somewhat irritated at the thought of paying for what comes out of the tap. To be fair though, I’ve always been lucky enough to live in places where the tap water tastes pretty good. When I go to the city, after my Klean Kanteen goes dry, I’m usually buying water, because I’m spoiled and think chlorinated water tastes like crap. I try to buy the biggest jug I can find, because I go through one of those little bottles in a matter of minutes.

So this caught my eye for a couple of reasons. One, I’m really into the package design, the black and white, the bold type, the script “hello” on the side. It’s just nice. Second, and more importantly, they’re using a more environmentally considerate means of packaging and transporting than those damn bottles, and they’re pledging 10% of their profits towards water relief foundations, and another 10% to reforestation projects. And I’m betting that the water in that box doesn’t have that plastic aftertaste that I always get when I drink bottled water. Awesome.

Even better, it’s an independent startup, not a subsidiary of some megacorp that has been devised as a way to hop on the green trend and figure out another way to get my cash. In fact, one of the founders is a regular contributor to the brilliance, which is one of my favorite blogs. I’m really hoping they can eat up some market share from the big plastic companies, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some San Francisco distribution in the near future.

Retro Cereal Boxes.



I don’t really eat that much cereal, I’m more of a toast and eggs guy. When I do grab a bowl, I mostly stick to Cheerios, but these caught my eye. General Mills is issuing some throwback cereal boxes, probably in the hopes of triggering that nostalgia button and making a grown person by a product endorsed by a cartoon character. Some of these seem a little off, most notably that the General Mills logo seems like it’s from a different era than the the rest of the design, and the “vintage tee shirt giveaway” clashes a bit. Other than that, I tend to like the illustrations on the retro versions better. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a bowl of Trix before, (Mom wasn’t really down with the sugar cereals, and I always focused my efforts on getting her to buy me candy.) but the older bunny looks pretty cool, but the new bunny on the right looks like a psycho. Not good. And that Wheaties box? Damn good looking.

Found this on The Dieline by way of the DDC.