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Tennis Photos



I woke up early this morning to take some shots of a couple of the tennis pros at Tahoe Donner. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to get some nice angles using the lines of the court and their shadows. It’s amazing how many more options open up just by bringing a ladder to the shoot. Photography is something that I really enjoy and wish I was better at, but I don’t get nearly enough time to go out and shoot. I think it’s hugely beneficial as a graphic designer to at least have some basic photo skills, so that when you don’t have a big photo budget you have the option to possibly shoot something yourself, and when working on photo illustration projects it’s nice not to have to resort to using stock photos.


Tim Simmons Photography

Tim Simmons Palm-Springs-Carport-2004

Tim Simmons Intervention-Snow-3-2007

Some really nice photography work by Tim Simmons. Really nice lighting effects.

White Leica M8


Don’t know too much about this, but it looks like Leica may be releasing an all-white version of the M-8. Although a new Leica is waaay down on my list of possible future purchases, it is nice looking. I think I still like the classic black body though. More utilitarian, the way a Leica should be.

Burger Time


A few weeks ago I took some glamorous photos starring America’s favorite, the cheeseburger, for an area restaurant. It was actually a really fun shoot, there was a good crew, and the client was really happy with the results. It just goes to show, that with the right mindset, any project can be fun… Here are a few of the shots.




Lou Mora Photography


Sunday consisted of me doing a whole lot of nothing, a day of rest, as they say. The weather was crappy, and I just didn’t really seem to want to do anything. It’s not to often that I have a day like that, but sometimes you just have to take a time out. Anyway, I did take the time to dive into the online portfolio of Lou Mora, and I highly recommend taking a look. Some really nice portrait work, and overall it has a nice California-feel to it that I really like.