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Mica Watches


Kind of a cool concept, Mica watches are made completely from your choice of hardwood. I’m curious about the durability, as watches tend to get pretty beat up, but I do really like the look of the ebony watches. I could imagine that as the edges wore down and rounded out, it might add to the appeal. The price point is actually lower than I thought it would be too… I may just have to order one of these.


Toyota Prius

Although I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, I’ve been loving the new Prius commercials. They’re really well executed, and the exemplify the concept of harmony between man and nature. Overall, it’s a really happy feeling clip, and actually makes me want a Prius. Few commercials these days can incite feeling like that.

iPhone 3GS


After spending some time with the new iPhone, I must say, it’s pretty dope. The majority of the little things that bugged me have been worked out (ie: horizontal keyboard) and I’m pretty stoked on it. There’s nothing I can really say here that hasn’t been written about a thousand times before, so I won’t go into it too much, but it is a great tool, and does a good job at making communication easier as well as being a really fun toy. The Camera Bag App is a favorite, as it offers some basic filters to edit your photos in-phone. (See our miniature cat lounging on the couch above.) I’m also looking forward to trying out some of cycling apps that use the mapping and GPS to record your ride distance, speed and altitude gains. Fun stuff, and cool to have all in one, instead of carrying around a bunch of different gadgets, which has always turned me off from that kind of thing in the past.

Storage Chest


I saw one of these at a garage sale a few weeks ago, but it was when we were in the middle of moving, and the last thing I wanted was another damn box. But since then, I’ve seen a few of them around, and they’re pretty awesome. Something about the orange, the type, the straight-up industrial style. Best of all, they look so much better when they’re a few years old. It would be perfect for storing tools, art supplies, bike parts, binding parts and any other crap I wanted to stuff in there.

Burton takes inspiration from Herman Miller



A while back, Fast Company posted on how Burton took inspiration for their CO2 highback design from the Herman Miller Aeron chair. As I’ve said before I prefer the classic offerings from Herman Miller, and the more minimalist highback style of the Cartel… Maybe we’ll see some Eames-style molded plywood incorporated into bindings in the near future. Now that would be dope.

Gocco Printing


I’ve been hearing a lot about Gocco printers lately, and after looking into it a little bit, I really want one. They’re basically miniature screen printing devices that are primarily designed for smaller paper printing, like postcards, and of course, business cards. I’ve seen some really nice examples, like the save the date invitation above, and many more in this flickr group dedicated to Gocco. Lots of possibilities.

It turns out that they’re made in Japan, and the company is discontinuing distribution in the United States. Go figure. Looks like I’ll have to get on it pretty quick if I’m going to get one.

White Leica M8


Don’t know too much about this, but it looks like Leica may be releasing an all-white version of the M-8. Although a new Leica is waaay down on my list of possible future purchases, it is nice looking. I think I still like the classic black body though. More utilitarian, the way a Leica should be.