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Mike Basich on TWSnow


Transworld Snowboarding just posted a little interview with Mike Basich on their site, he’s snowboarding legend, mountain man and all-around badass who happens to live up the street from me.



Snow movie premier season is in full swing again, and last night we went and checked out the Truckee screening of Neverland, Absinthe’s new snowboard movie. It was a great time, I caught up with some good friends who I haven’t seen for a bit, and the scene was good, not too crazy. The movie was really good, with a nice mix of everything… Well rounded riding with the right mix of “that looks so fun” stoke and “that’s mind-blowing and scary.” Nicolas Müller’s opening part alone was worth the price of admission, put this one on your list of movies to see.

Montevideo by Autumn Line

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, sometimes life just gets away from you, you know? Anyway, we’re rolling into snow-premier season, and despite the recession’s impact on budgets, there looks to be some good ones coming out. Although I don’t really get excited about this stuff like I used to (Kinda sucks how that happens huh?) I always like to check out Autumn Line’s movies, partly because they usually feature a lot of Tahoe guys, but mostly because they’re always fun, creative and more “design-y” than the others. This year’s 80’s theme in Montevideo is no different. I love the sitcom style credits section at the end.

Kevin Jones Returns to Snowboarding


If you’ve been into snowboarding for more than 5 minutes, you know who this guy is. If not, read on…

Burton takes inspiration from Herman Miller



A while back, Fast Company posted on how Burton took inspiration for their CO2 highback design from the Herman Miller Aeron chair. As I’ve said before I prefer the classic offerings from Herman Miller, and the more minimalist highback style of the Cartel… Maybe we’ll see some Eames-style molded plywood incorporated into bindings in the near future. Now that would be dope.

Dave Seoane Furniture


Dave Seoane has had a pretty big influence on me and a lot of the work that I do, although I didn’t realize it ’till fairly recently. From his skills on a snowboard, to his work with the incredible team at Nemo, to Cinemaseoane (I think I saw the Haakon Faktor about a thousand times). I also remember very clearly when I saw his board graphic for Rossignol with the coffee cup. I remember thinking how clean, simple and dope it was. I think it was the first time that I became aware of the power of minimalism and good composition, without even really knowing what those things were. It was really cool to see him at the Legends of Snowboarding contest a few months ago, rocking his own style and still shredding.

Anyway, enough gushing. The man is now making some really cool custom furniture and woodwork out of his shop in Portland. I’d love to get a set of custom doors like these that he did for Jerry Dugan.

Andreas Wiig on style for Playboy


Andreas Wiig is interviewed about his style for Playboy, alongside Pharrell. Big-time status, hope you’re getting some nice incentive checks for this one.