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Would love to have one of these next to my desk.


A handmade chest of drawers based off of wooden printing blocks from Kent and London. So dope.


French Signage




I found a really great blog featuring some outstanding signage that I believe is mostly from France. I’m not positive, because can’t read French, but regardless of where the signs are from, the site features some really nice type.

Here is the url:

Periodic Table of Typefaces Decal


The Periodic Table of Typefaces is now available as a 45 by 31 inch decal to place on your wall, and fully satisfy your nerd tendencies. If I ever taught a design class, I would definitely have one of these posted in my classroom.

More great type.


The folks over at grain edit posted some outstanding mid-century type work from issue number 7 of Typographica. I’d love to be able to get my hands on some of the old design journals like this.

I want this.


T-Star typeface from Gestalten. Nice.