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Crushing it.


The EMC has been in full effect, rocking on everything from budget reports to outerwear prototypes. More of the same in the coming weeks, busy as hell and loving it.


New Poster: Destruction of a Guard

Destruction of a Guard

Today UPS dropped of a box of new posters fresh from the printer. I’ve had the good fortune to work with a few very small companies that are just starting out, and it’s been really refreshing to hear their enthusiasm and determination to do business in a way that’s well thought out and works for them. The idea of these cool new companies coming onto the scene and operating in innovative ways that contrast the large corporations who are now backpedaling as the paradigm shifts is pretty rad, and was the inspiration behind this poster.

It’s printed on the same recycled matte stock as the Ciclista poster, which is really nice and doesn’t have that nasty slick feel that a lot of posters have. They just re-sealed our driveway, so I thought it would be a cool surface to shoot the poster on. Below is the file direct from Photoshop. This poster and the Ciclista poster will be available for sale soon, so stay tuned.


Cycling Posters Delivered


The UPS man dropped off a short run of the Ciclista poster, which I had printed on a nice recycled matte 13 pt. stock. While many of these will be given as gifts, a small amount will be available for sale soon…

Tennis Photos



I woke up early this morning to take some shots of a couple of the tennis pros at Tahoe Donner. It was a lot of fun, and I was able to get some nice angles using the lines of the court and their shadows. It’s amazing how many more options open up just by bringing a ladder to the shoot. Photography is something that I really enjoy and wish I was better at, but I don’t get nearly enough time to go out and shoot. I think it’s hugely beneficial as a graphic designer to at least have some basic photo skills, so that when you don’t have a big photo budget you have the option to possibly shoot something yourself, and when working on photo illustration projects it’s nice not to have to resort to using stock photos.

EMC Cycling Poster


Here’s a new poster as part of my effort to produce more personal work in ’09. I’ve always loved vintage cycling posters, and seeing as bike season is in full swing, I took a shot at creating my own. I’ve been in the market for a used Bianchi cyclocross bike, so that’s where the Italian theme and the color palette came from. I’ll be printing up a few for friends and family, and will be selling a limited amount as well.

There is a complete overhaul in the works for, and I’m planning to incorporate a small online store as part of the deal. It’s hard to make the time for personal work after client work when it’s so nice out though. The California summer is in full effect, but there are a few subtle signs that fall is on the way, so I’m doing my best to get out and enjoy it. There’s a reason why I live in the mountains, and right now I’m taking advantage as much as possible.

Factory Visit


I met with Josh at Slant this afternoon, and checked out the factory floor, reviewed some graphics, and played with his puppy Chompers. Josh has some exciting things in the works, and we’ve been cooking up some fun stuff that I can’t share with the world quite yet, but I’m looking forward to unveiling it in the near future.



The image above is just a sliver of the 104 Megabyte file I’m uploading to the client right now… The EMC is edging close to hour 14 of the workday and feeling good about it. Wrapping up a few projects before the holiday, and I’m excited to share them in detail with you as soon as I can.