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A Big Week


A lot of work was done this week, about 72 hours worth. A lot of fun stuff, I’m pretty excited about all of it. As tiring as it can be to put in big days like that, I’m grateful for the opportunity and to have the work at a time when a lot of people don’t. Plus, I’ve got a baby cat to proof my work for me, which is always useful. Yesterday I wrapped up the week with a stop by Porters headquarters and caught a pretty spectacular sunset on the way out. The pic above is a pan taken with my phone.

This weekend, were headed down to fog city for a little R&R and to see The Sounds play, coming in all the way from Sweden. Last time I saw them, things got pretty crazy, one of the best shows of my life. We’ll see what happens this time…


Ontour Clothing


ontour winter

I recently came across Ontour, a casual clothing line out of the Netherlands. I really like how they combine clean looks with fun, eye-catching trims and details, and a heavy use of organic materials. Every time you start to feel really good about the work you put out, just check out what the Dutch are doing and your stock drops a few points… Nice work guys.