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Crushing it.


The EMC has been in full effect, rocking on everything from budget reports to outerwear prototypes. More of the same in the coming weeks, busy as hell and loving it.


New Poster: Destruction of a Guard

Destruction of a Guard

Today UPS dropped of a box of new posters fresh from the printer. I’ve had the good fortune to work with a few very small companies that are just starting out, and it’s been really refreshing to hear their enthusiasm and determination to do business in a way that’s well thought out and works for them. The idea of these cool new companies coming onto the scene and operating in innovative ways that contrast the large corporations who are now backpedaling as the paradigm shifts is pretty rad, and was the inspiration behind this poster.

It’s printed on the same recycled matte stock as the Ciclista poster, which is really nice and doesn’t have that nasty slick feel that a lot of posters have. They just re-sealed our driveway, so I thought it would be a cool surface to shoot the poster on. Below is the file direct from Photoshop. This poster and the Ciclista poster will be available for sale soon, so stay tuned.