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The EMC Daily Has Moved

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but along with a ton of super fun work, I’m also in the process of revamping the entire web platform. As the first step in that process, the blog has relocated to This is a good thing, as the new hosting platform offers a lot more customization and better integration with the rest of the site.

To make things even easier for all you Twitter fiends, you can also follow the EMC at


A Big Week


A lot of work was done this week, about 72 hours worth. A lot of fun stuff, I’m pretty excited about all of it. As tiring as it can be to put in big days like that, I’m grateful for the opportunity and to have the work at a time when a lot of people don’t. Plus, I’ve got a baby cat to proof my work for me, which is always useful. Yesterday I wrapped up the week with a stop by Porters headquarters and caught a pretty spectacular sunset on the way out. The pic above is a pan taken with my phone.

This weekend, were headed down to fog city for a little R&R and to see The Sounds play, coming in all the way from Sweden. Last time I saw them, things got pretty crazy, one of the best shows of my life. We’ll see what happens this time…

The future of newspaper design?



It was a big weekend for winter-prep. Yesterday we split about five cords of wood, and today we stacked and stored. A Tahoe winter’s worth of heating, done. A day and a half, no screwing around. That’s how we operate. Bring it on old man winter, the EMC headquarters is going to be nice and toasty all year long.

Also got the chance to see my good buddy, The Silver Boombox Thief, aka: General of the Red Dawn, make an appearance behind the wheels of steel last night. Thanks for spinning that old-school stuff Matt, it’s always a blast.


Full Moon_Small

This morning I braved the cold to take some pictures of the lake as the moon and the blue sky were poking through the clouds. Looking at the trees with the first dusting of snow on them, it’s hard to believe we were swimming here a week ago. I also was lucky enough to see a bald eagle hanging out, the first one I’ve ever seen in the wild. I wasn’t able to get a very good shot, but it was still pretty awesome. Amazing creatures. This is what living in the mountains is all about.


Light Snow Today


Exactly one week ago, we were paddle boarding and swimming in the lake, enjoying the sun and the last days of warm weather. Today, this is the scene going on outside the office window. It’s a crazy world.

Enjoying the Weather


We’ve been really lucky with the weather this month, the weekend was amazing, more like July than late September. We did our best to take advantage, getting out on the lake for some stand up paddling and even a little swim. Loressa got this one of me heading towards the mountains, loving life.